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Larry "Cap" Spence

Executive Producer


Concerts - Tours - Television - Special Events - Spectaculars

Decades of International Project & Location Management in the hottest media spotlights on earth - anyone with a television has most certainly seen elements of Cap Spence's work at one time or another. He's served as the Staging Supervisor for the last eighteen (18) NFL Super Bowl Halftime Shows - responsible for design consultation, construction oversight, tech installation, crew training and movement of all staging on and off the field in 5-7 minutes each way.

Nationally recognized for event management in coordination with city governments including Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Daytona Beach, Panama City, San Diego, Miami, New York City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Dallas, and many others.


Tech Crew Manager & Producer of live, taped and filmed concerts and special events for audiences to 1,000,000+. Includes nightclub, auditorium, theater, arena and stadium venues, air shows and outdoor events/festivals worldwide.


Two Tour Vietnam Combat Veteran​

Speaker, Writer, Banjo Picker 

Longtime resident of Central Florida

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee

Grew up Everywhere Else


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